Privacy Notice

The storage and personal usage of all data used on this site is done so in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). We will endeavour to keep your personal data safe enabling it to remain personal.

What data is gathered?
Data stored and used by ourselves shall be in the form of data that you have given. This data will be used to process orders and retain your information to both customise and speed up any returns you may make to the website. In addition, some automated data analysis may take place in enhancing the experience delivered when visiting the site and also helping to improve the website design.

How is this data protected?
In helping to further improve the security of the site, the entire site is covered by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which helps to encrypt the data transmitted and eliminate the possibility of a 3rd party viewing the information.

How is the data used?
All data held on the system is done so purely for the purposes of operating a commercial organisation. The data will not be passed onto any other parties in any form.

E-Mails and Newsletters
Automated e-mail notifications are sent when an order has been placed or any change has been made to the status of the order. In addition, there may be some further personal e-mail communication if necessary. Occasionally, newsletters may be sent with information regarding special offers and new additions to the product range. These are only done so with your permission. There is an option when subscribing to the site to opt out of the newsletters. There is also the ability to change the settings if you do not wish to receive any more newsletters.

As part of the increased ease at which we would like you to be able to access the site with, a cookie may be left on your machine which helps to improve upon the speed at which you can access the data held on the system. Theses cookies do not hold personal information and purely enable furn-on to recognise you as the customer.

Further Questions
If you have any further questions regarding the privacy policy or any other aspect of the personal data, these should be addressed to the customer services department at